When you think about fish and seafood, Aquarium Fish Restaurant is one of the best in Bodrum. It started as a family business in 1992 at the one of the best shores of Bodrum penninsula, in Gumusluk. They are trying to maintain the same line since the first day and their expanding customer portfolio transformed in to a great Aquarium family. In domestic and foreign press there are a lot of articles about Aquarium. Aquarium Fish Restaurant is open for whole year and they are at their customers' service.

Whenever your path leads you to Bodrum, Gumusluk; if you want to feel special. Aquarium Fish Restaurant is there to host you with an amazing seafood feast. At the end of the meal, you can enjoy your turkish coffee and turkish delight in a decorated tray with candles and local flowers. Aquarium is the first restaurant at the right side when you walk down from the parking lot.

Akvaryum Bodrum Gumusluk

From the sea to your table. The freshest and unique specials... Over 20 years we are trying to present the best service, the best taste and the freshest fish. We were with you at the most special sunsets, your most special days and your happiest moments. We are ensured that we made you happy because the name of Aquarium praised a lot on national newspapers, foreign press and on magazines. Many thanks to you.

Bon appetit.


Seth Sherwood, New York Times
"Aquarium is the One of the most popular destinations in Gumusluk to eat."

The brand, synonymous with Gumusluk
"Aquarium restaurant is the one of the rare places that referred with Gumusluk, In local and national newspapers. In addition to laudotary articles of Turkish gourmets and writers, recently New York Times recommended Aquarium to the world as ; "One of the most popular destinations in Gumusluk to eat fish."

A Fish Temple: Aquarium / Yurtsan Atakan
"Cengiz and İlknur Özbaşaran; Who create Aquarium from nothing 20 years ago. Who make New York Times write "Most Beautiful fish restaurant in Gumusluk" They transferred 20 years of experience to aquarium and they emerged a fantasic fish restaurant."

Bodrum's Seafood
"World­Wide famous restaurant aquarium is not only attract Turkish Gourmet's attention, they also get the New York Times' attention. 20 year old Restaurant who founded by Cengiz and İlknur Özbaşaran. They supply the fish , shrimp and the squid from the Aegean sea. Beside their quality wine collection, Aquarium is also famous with their desserts. Their chocolate souffle and famous "İmam Çağdaş Baklava"s from Gaziantep are the examples of their famous desserts."

Gold Medalist, World­famous chef in Aquarium
Aquarium host one of the best 3 chef in the world cuisine, Alain Salihac recently. Aquarium Restaurant got the "3 star michelin" praise from the world­famous chefs evaluation.

10 Most Special taste of Bodrum: Laos Tandouri of Aquarium
"20 years ago, founded in the Gumusluk by the sea lover couple Cengiz & Ilknur Ozbasaran. They are famous with their squid, lobster, shrimp, beetle lobsters and their appetizers. The seasonal sea bream, sea bass, laos, grey mullet and red mullet made with regions own olive oil and serving with thyme, mint, onion and (haydari). We recommend you to taste Aquariums special food while you are enjoying being next to the shore in Gumusluk harbor, watching the Aegean sea and the Rabbit Island."

The fish restaurants that you can go by boat / Tayfun Topal
"Beside the Aegean Herbs in the menu you should try, squash blossoms and rice with octopus, shrimp and butter. And special steamed fish of Aquarium should be tried."

Fish Heaven In Bodrum / Aydan Üstkanat
"Im delighted to taste the same great flavors every year at my holidays in Bodrum."